About us

Newhall Publishing is an employee owned company offering the complete integrated marketing and communications service through intelligently written and beautifully designed multichannel branded content. Offering 10 services – print, digital, design, strategy, media sales, subscription & membership management, distribution & fulfilment, data management, client services and event sales – Newhall has built a significant portfolio with a diverse client base including membership organisations, event companies and multinational businesses.

Our Culture

We have always valued and encouraged individual initiative and teamwork, and incorporate this into our day-to-day working lives and relationships with clients.

Our core values sit at the heart of our operation. They are both the bedrock of our culture and the lodestar informing and guiding everything we do.

  • Commitment to excellence
  • Respect and encouragement of individual initiative
  • To work as a team and treat each other with respect
  • Honesty and absolute integrity
  • Profit – but never at the expense of quality, service or reputation

Our whole ethos is to ensure our clients always receive the highest quality service.

Our History

Newhall Publishing, established in 1962, is an award-winning and highly respected company that has earned a reputation for professionalism and integrity. Now as an employee owned and run business, Newhall is agile and flexible in the decision making process and is responsive to client needs.

The company has seen many changes over the last 60 years publishing Candis, one of the country’s largest circulation women’s subscription magazines, and running Candis Club. The company has successfully adapted to economic challenges and commercial sensitivities over time, and with a talented and dedicated team, we utilise our in-depth knowledge and experience in working with all each of our clients.

Since the company’s rebrand in 2014, Newhall Publishing has developed into a multichannel content publishing and marketing agency and boasts a diverse and strong client portfolio, producing communications both online and in print.

Our Ethos

Newhall Publishing is an employee owned company, following the sale of the business by, former Chairman, Andrew Douglas to its employees. The sale to an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT), was an exciting development in the company’s history and builds on the values that have guided the business for 60 years. We are an approachable, experienced and engaging team focussed on delivering the highest quality service to clients. We are proud of the company we are building, and the work we do, and look forward to an exciting future.

Our Future

We strongly believe it’s our people who build our business, and attracting – and retaining – the best is key to success. By nurturing ambitions and talent and actively encouraging teamwork, we grow together and broaden both individual prospects and the horizons of Newhall. 

We know that tradition is a strength in the modern world but only if it embraces the opportunity that goes hand-in-hand with change. We understand the appeal of greater career opportunities to existing and potential staff members that will allow individuals to broaden their experience and undertake a wider variety of work for new clients from different businesses or membership sectors.

Newhall firmly believes that for a successful future we must always strive for sustainable options in all print. All our third-party printing suppliers are ISO 14001 certified, and all use FSC and PEFC Certified paper. However, Newhall looks for more. We look to work with printers who also work in partnership to further reduce the effects on climate change.

Exciting growth opportunities continue to be found for multiplatform content creation and delivery across a number of sectors and we look forward to developing our relationships with existing and new clients.

We come with experience, knowledge and a real passion for what we do. Becoming an EOT in 2022 was a great step forward in the development of our business.


Creative Director

Employee Trustee Director